Primary areas of interest and research include:

  • racial identity

  • multicultural competence

  • behavioral addictions (technology, eating disorders, video games)

  • creativity in counseling

  • worth

  • spiritual trauma

  • counselor education

  • technology in counseling education and practice



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Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE): Performance Partnership Pilots (P3) CFDA Number 84.420A Grant - Develop STAREE (Students That Are Ready for Employment and Education) Program (2016). Participated in writing a grant to fund a special program for increasing post-secondary education and employment of Guilford County, North Carolina high school graduates. This $330,000 grant was created as part of a workshop on grant writing and was not funded. It was a learning experience and not an actual grant submission. (Co-Principal Investigator)


For further information:

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