The universe is made of stories, not atoms.
— Muriel Rukeyser (1913–1980) American Poet and Political Activist 


I'm a former photographer, designer, and creative director turned counselor and counselor educator. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (LPCA) in North Carolina, Interim Director of Operations for the Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness, and Adjunct Counseling Instructor for a few different universities. I work in higher education teaching and administration, which puts me in touch with how students are educated and how to effectively prepare them for future careers in their respective field.

I’m passionate about helping students learn to think critically. I also enjoy mentoring and assisting counselors-in-training as they learn to serve others effectively. Friends and peers have called me a true renaissance man, mostly because I appreciate new and exciting experiences that force me to think creatively.

I have a love of cultural diversity and strong bent toward justice, which I believe is reflected in my work. I believe people flourish when encouraged, and I take joy in helping others work through difficult life circumstances. I believe technology can benefit the world, but that we should unplug often. I strive to live more simply, which is why I'm also a minimalist. I believe in the power of one life, but I find most everything is done better in community.


Counselor education, racial identity development, multicultural counseling competence, behavioral addictions (e.g.,technology, eating disorders, and video games), creativity in counseling, and technology in counseling/counselor education.



Music, movies, writing, woodworking, art, design, photography, architecture, Sci-fi and fantasy writing, video games, Lego, adventuring with my sons, and meeting new people.


Close-mindedness, mayonnaise (bleh!), bananas (blurg), and dishonesty.