I believe all individuals have inherent worth, seek meaning and purpose, and strive toward wanting to be the best version of themselves. I view individuals holistically, taking into consideration mind, body, and spirit in our work together. My desire is to help people empower themselves to understand and enact these principles. A few of my core beliefs include:

  • Our individual cultures enrich who we are, making each person unique. History informs our lives, but does not dictate our future.

  • Each individual has a drive to be better and can achieve goals through inherent strengths and skills.

  • Everyone has a story and we co-write that story together with others, in community.

  • All things are connected.


In brief, my counseling approach is grounded in humanistic philosophy that heavily relies on developmental, systemic, and multicultural understandings in counseling. I incorporate concepts and methods from Adlerian Individual Psychology, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Gestalt. I’m a creative and former artist, so I also use art and creative expression in sessions.

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